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Hinoki Tinker Box

A tinker box made in sustainable and quality Japanese Cypress Hinoki wood.
A rich woody-scent of 12 good depth of compartments that comes with a removable lid! Put in the variables that you prefer so as to cater to your children's needs! Best still, you can always convert it into your own safekeeping storage organisers too! Yes, that versatile! 

Product Specifications:

Material: Entirely in Hinoki Wood with an MDF board base to prevent warping.

Contents: 12 compartments-box with a lid, comes with no contents.

Size: 33cm L x 24cm B x 8cm H

Weight: Approx. 700gms

Product Care on Hinoki Wood Box:

Even if there is scratches or dirt on the wood, it can be easily revived by light cleaning and sanding. If the wood gets in contact with water, do dry them in a shady area.


Photos are for illustration purposes.

Our Hinoki Tinker Box's colours, grains, scratches and blemishes may vary due to the nature of the wood, oxidation and lighting.

Please also note that it is not considered a defect if these slight imperfections of the materials do not affect the overall appearance or performance.