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Hinoki Tinker Set

A tinker set box for loose parts play made in sustainable and quality Japanese Cypress Hinoki wood.

Product Specifications:

Material: Entirely in Hinoki Wood with an MDF board base to prevent warping.

Contents: Each box comes with a mixed of natural materials and processed wood materials &/non-wooden materials.

*Variables may vary in different sets depending on availability & may change without prior notice.

-Wooden Boys & Girls Peg/Logs/Corks/Pinecones/Puspa flowers

-In the woods (mushrooms/honeycombs/raindrops/fire/eggs/flower/coins)

-smooth glass gems: 200g

-30 mixed buttons

-70 to 80 transparent chips 

-Barnacles and clam shells

Size: 33cm L x 24cm B x 8cm H

Weight: Approximately up to 1.5-1.7kg (depending on variables weight)

Age: Suitable for ages 3 and above

Product Care on Hinoki Tinker Box:

Even if there is scratches or dirt on the wood, it can be easily revived by light cleaning and sanding. If the wood gets in contact with water, do dry them in a shady area.


Photos are for illustration purposes.

Our Hinoki Tinker Set and its colour ,grain variations, scratches and blemishes may vary due to the natural characteristics of the wood, oxidation and lighting. Natural items like clam shells/barnacles may have chipped pieces. We will exercise due diligence in our checks upon packing.

Please also note that it is not considered a defect if these imperfections of the materials do not affect the overall usability or performance.

Given the different shapes and sizes of the loose parts, adults supervision is advisable.

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